UAE investors optimistic about local economy

23 Aug 2019

moneyRecent data has revealed that over 80% of high net worth individuals and business owners in the UAE have positive expectations about their economy. This percentage surpasses the global average significantly.

As Arabian Business reports, the exact figure recorded was 84%, a percentage that is nearly unchanged from the previous quarter – the UBS Global Wealth Management quarterly investor sentiment survey revealed.

Additionally, it was revealed that 81% of UAE investors take a bullish stance on local stocks.

On the other hand, investors around the globe were far less optimistic about their domestic economies and stock markets, with 59% shown to be optimistic about the domestic economy in the latest quarter and only 55% were revealed to be bullish on stocks in the region.

However, UAE investors are wary of putting money to work in the market, instead opting to keep an average 21% of their assets in cash.

According to the UBS Global Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Office, investors should continue to input money to work in a diversified portfolio.

The survey polled over 3,800 investors and entrepreneurs from across 17 countries, and one of its key findings revealed that many investors (48%) are primarily concerned about cyber security.

Another major concern was revealed to be the U.S.-China trade war, with 46% of investors saying it was a concern of theirs.

"Our survey shows clearly that investors in the UAE are among the world's most optimistic when it comes to their local economy. However, we believe it is now important to translate that optimism into actual market participation, as opposed to cash holdings,” said Cedric Lizin.