International Pension Planning

One of the biggest challenges facing the modern-day international professional is being able to successfully manage a portfolio of pension assets which have been accumulated in different countries.

It is common for expatriates to either lose contact with or believe their international pension assets are inaccessible or negligible in size. This belief leads to people inadvertently losing out on billions in pension assets.

Acuma specialise in reconnecting our clients with, and educating them on, their international pensions. This allows clients to gain a full understanding of the assets they have accumulated and the various options available to them moving forward.

There are three main types of pensions: workplace, national and private. Understanding how these three types of pensions operate can be confusing, thankfully our advisers are on hand to guide you through the education process to ensure you understand what you are entitled to and when.

It is also common for clients (especially those living in countries without automatic pension legislation) to look to create supplementary pension arrangements. Acuma advisers are trained to offer advice on suitable international pension structures designed around your longer-term objectives.