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What sets Acuma apart from our competitors most, is the breadth of knowledge and array of specialists who contribute on a daily basis to our client’s financial success.

Central to Acuma's business model is the importance we place on ensuring our advisory team continue to receive world class training. All advisors are required to study for and sit external examinations for the jurisdictions in which they practice. Moreover, our internal Continuous Professional Development Program is in place to keep advisors fully up to date with everything required to provide industry leading financial advice.

The world of financial advice is a dynamic environment. International affairs for example elections, wars and peace treaties create constant threats and opportunities for clients' portfolios. Part of the ongoing service Acuma provide is ensuring our clients' portfolios are monitored constantly with our advisory team keeping a close eye on external factors searching for pearls and pitfalls within the market.

Advisers are also kept up to date with changing global taxation structures to ensure clients' portfolios are always held in the most tax efficient structure for their personal circumstances.

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Media contact

Acuma’s Public Relations Department deals with all areas of the media and external communications including international, national, regional, local, trade, consumer, print, broadcast, social and online. The Department aims to provide a helpful service to journalists, broadcasters and editors, amongst others, and reply to all media enquiries, including urgent enquiries out of hours, within agreed deadlines. Our press office does not have access to client details and will not be able to assist with individual client enquiries. Please contact Head of Media and Public Relations for deVere Group on [email protected] or call +44 2071220925.