Discretionary Fund Management

A Discretionary Fund Manager or 'DFM' model, as it is commonly referred to, is an investing approach whereby an appointed professional exercises discretion to buy and sell investments on a client's behalf.

A DFM model can be appropriate for all clients, but especially retail clients, who wish to have their investments managed by a professional. A DFM model can be highly personalised around a client's objectives along with their appetite and capacity for risk.

This is the contrasting approach is to an advisory mandate whereby clients are required approve all recommendations from their adviser.

This approach has many benefits making it an extremely popular model among clients. The structure ensures a client's professional fund manager can act with time-efficiency where required. For clients who have a limited market knowledge, or do not have a desire to be part of the decision-making process, this model is often the most suitable.

By appointing a Discretionary Fund Manager, you can rest assured that your portfolio is benefiting from constant professional monitoring, with the expectation to achieve industry leading results.


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