A good time to invest in UAE – Permanent Residency Scheme

14 Oct 2019

A recent survey conducted by a UAE real estate development company (Lootah), reveals that 79% of UAE investors will consider expanding their investments in the country because of the permanent residency scheme (Golden Card)

For most expats, working in UAE is a short-term endeavour to accumulate wealth. Work visas are generally issued for short periods, and any extra funds are normally sent back to home countries.

The residency scheme, now allows for qualifying highly-skilled professional expats to look at UAE as a permanent or long term home and ultimately, a place to invest in. Investment avenues that were never before considered, are now open, like buying a property, or investing in a business or shares. 

Another perk of the scheme is that families are also granted residency status as well, thus sweetening the deal to stay. (the national.ae)

Possible investment avenues to consider

•    Buying property in Dubai for investment, rental income or permanent – this is the largest investment sector in Dubai for expats currently
•    New/Existing business ventures
•    Keeping your capital in the country and investing in local funds

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