Emirates ranks first on brand index in UAE

20 Aug 2019

Emirates, the renown international airline and Dubai-based company, has placed first on YouGov BrandIndex’s annual brand health rankings for the UAE, for the third year running. 

The index score observes overall brand health by analysing consumers’ perception of a brand’s overall quality, value, impression, reputation, satisfaction and choice of recommending the brand or not. 

The airline ranked above WhatsApp, which placed second, and Samsung, which ranked in third place. Additionally, Samsung Galaxy ranked in 10th place for the first time. Samsung’s rankings surpassed those of Apple, which dropped two places to eighth spot. 

Over the past year, Netflix saw its ranking improve the most, having seen tis score climb by +9.8. The data also revealed that Carrefour climbed six spots, improving significantly and earning the title of the fourth most popular brand in the UAE.
Huawei, the controversial Chinese device manufacturer, has also seen its brand health improve by 8.0 points, despite recent negative news surrounding the brand. Other brands registering an improvement have been KFC, Warner Bros World and Coca-Cola, as well as Noon.com, Downy, Colgate, Mai Dubai and Pepsi.

On the other hand, Google and Youtube both saw their rankings drop from second and fourth in 2018 to fifth and sixth in 2019, respectively. Almarai and iPhone retained their same rankings as 2018, at seventh and ninth respectively.