Dubai marinaKnown for its stylish and innovative architecture, warm hospitality and element of glamour, Dubai is an expat’s dream city. The many job opportunities could be why, but here are some more reasons as to why Dubai is an ideal place to call home:

-    A leisurely life
You will always find a perfect way to destress in this city. There are plenty of activities to choose from in Dubai. World-renowned shopping malls offer a countless number of stores to treat yourself in – and no, not just the expensive options! The largest malls also offer hundreds of restaurants, in which your only struggle will be picking the right one. Cinemas, ice rinks and aquariums are also easily accessible. These shopping malls can be your perfect hideout when it gets too warm outdoors! There are also plenty of social events to attend and nightclubs to head to. After-work drinks have never been better.

-    High salaries and a tax-free life
Among the plethora of reasons an expat would enjoy life in Dubai, the high salaries are among the top advantages – And yes, tax-free! This will obviously allow to you save a lot more and enjoy more luxuries than you are accustomed to back home. Also, there is no VAT to pay on goods or food, which will result in less spending.

-    High-standard healthcare
The healthcare system is incredibly efficient in Dubai, boasting a highly-qualified medical staff. Facilities are also modern and easily accessible.

-    A sun lover’s dream
The sun is almost always out in Dubai, making this destination an especially satisfying one for expats unaccustomed to constant warm weather. It rarely drops below 20°C here, making outdoor activities extremely common.

-    A range of delicious cuisine
Dubai offers a wide variety of cuisine, so much so that it really is impossible to ever feel bored with the options. From wonderful local cuisine and street vendors to international food – derived from literally anywhere – There is a little bit of everything. If you’re looking to spoil yourself to a costly meal of high-standard, you will certainly not be disappointed either.

-    Mixture of cultures
You will most definitely not be the only expat living in Dubai – Dubai has the highest population of foreign-born residents in the world. This eases the integration process, allowing you to fit in and communicate with your colleagues easily.

-    Safety
Dubai is one of the safest large cities in the world. Stricter laws mean crime rate is very low, and tourists generally feel much safer than when they are traveling to anywhere else. You will find that worrying about home break-ins will not be a problem either, as these rarely occur.


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